Dr Arielle Warner
PhD in Transpersonal Psychology

About Me:

Psychotherapist, Spiritual-Care giver, group facilitator and lecturer integrating spirituality, psychology and science to improve quality of life and reduce stress at different phases of the cycle of life and death.

PhD in Transpersonal Psychology with specialization in psychotherapy, spiritual care and research and education from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (known as Sofia University since 2012), Palo-Alto, California, USA. Studied the psychological and spiritual well-being of women diagnosed with breast cancer participating in a yoga-based stress reduction ‘Art of Living Program’.

My Publications

MSc in Medical Sciences from Hebrew University Medical School, Jerusalem Israel. Researched the impact of stress on the immune system.


In my work, I integrate mind-body-spirit modalities founded in principles of Existential, Humanist and Transpersonal Psychology as well as Holistic and Integrative health.

I work with groups and individuals in person in my clinic in Tel-Aviv and Maalot Tarshiha (north of Israel) and internationally upon request, as well as digitally through online courses (soon to be announced) and online sessions.

To schedule a session or order a lecture/workshop fill in details or call +972544846669

My clients are:

  • People dealing with emotional and physical challenges in the cycle of life and death such as meaning/spiritual crises, depression, anxiety, life threatening illness, end of life issues, relationship issues, caring for an aging or ill family member, issues of aging, grief.

  • Health Care providers such as doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists ect…caring for people with serious illness in hospitals, outpatients, nursing homes, and home care settings.

What do I do? And How do I work?

  • Workshops and lectures on how to improve quality of life, reduce stress, and enhance vitality in day to-day life and in crises.

Integrating psychology, medical sciences and spirituality to reduce stress, improve quality of life, strengthen resilience and growth through different life transitions, challenges and crises such as facing illness (patients and their primary care-giver), dealing with end of life issues, relationship crises, occupational losses, existential and spiritual crises, search for meaning, anxiety, depression, psychosomatic symptoms,  and more.

Using mind-body-spirit modalities in individual and group work, I help people access their inner and outer resources to improve their psychological and spiritual well-being in day to day life and/or even experience growth and transformation through times of crisis in their lives.

I integrate mindfulness based approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, meaning- making interventions and mind-body-spirit techniques such as meditation, breathing techniques to connect to one’s sense of inner peace, intuition, center in order to increase vitality and resilience.

  • Trainings and consultations on how to improve professional quality of life for health care professionals.

Integrating mind-body-spirit approaches and tools I help health care professionals reduce burnout and secondary traumatic stress and increase vitality, meaning and purpose in their work and in life, find better work-life balance, process grief associated with working with patients at the of life.

In my workshops, courses, and individual consultations, health care providers become more aware of their needs and learn to care for themselves, recharges their ‘batteries’, create healthy boundaries, reduce stress, access resources to better face death and dying. They learn to apply Self-Care techniques to improve their well-being and satisfaction.

  • Professional trainings on how to Integrate mind-body-spirit approaches and tools in health-care.

I conduct professional group training and individual consultations/supervision on how to integrate spirituality and mind-body-spirit approaches and tools within the therapeutic settings in health-care. My work with based in principles of Transpersonal Psychology.

Among the topics covered in my trainings and consultations:

  • Understanding the definitions and clinical applications of spirituality and health,
  • Identifying spiritual needs of patients, family members and health care providers.
  • Integrating spiritual care for nurses, doctors, social workers, and other health care providers.
  • Integrating spirituality as a resource to increase relicense and well-being in the face of life crises
    • Spirituality and aging
    • Spirituality and end of life
    • Spirituality and mental health (psychotherapy)
    • Spirituality and trauma
    • Spirituality and illness
  • Addressing spiritual issues in mental health: spiritual emergency, spiritual distress, spiritual awakening, spiritual crisis.
  • Experiencing spirituality and mindfulness-based tools and approaches in health care (physical and mental health): breathing techniques, meditations, guided imagery, energy work, family system and constellation, self-compassion, spiritual surrender and more…


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